by Useless ID



released August 28, 2012



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Track Name: Live Or Die
Hang me, I'm the hang man. Are you watching?
Are you listening to your life as it flashes right before your eyes?
Angels in the closet like the saviors to your nightmares,
When you're chasing all the demons in your head, you did.

Why should I wait or spend my life
going down a path to the dead of night?
If I only I could break the curse inside,

Does it matter if we live or die?

Send her and I'll surrender. Execute me with a romance.
I'm a bleeder. I'll believe her when she takes me for the winter.
We have got to change, we'll rearrange if we engage,
in the right time for a lifetime,but it gets lonely in the night time.

Why should I wait or spend my life
going down a path to the dead of night?
If I only I could break the curse inside,
Waiting for the bride that never arrives.
I'm sleeping with the dead just to feel alive.
If I only I could break the curse inside,

Does it matter if we live or die?

Our time is running out.
We're body form and fractured.
We burn into the ground.
We're all just skeletons.
We live in segragation.
We're dying in this cell.
Track Name: Before It Kills
Another victim on the murder train
from injected poison to the blood stream.
There is no getting off at any stop.
You can rest assured you're never coming back.

Before it kills you know.
The cancer never dies.

I don't know you, I don't know anyone.
but I consider it a prized possession.
I never meant in doing any harm.
We're all creatures killing ourselves slowly.

Before it kills you know.
The cancer never dies.
Before it kills you know.
Are you waiting for a sign?

Dancing in the dark with something you obtained.
You're just another victim on the murder train.

So stop it now before it kills you!

Before it kills you know.
The cancer never dies.
Before it kills you know.
Are you waiting for a sign?
Define the reason why you're alive?
Before it kills you know.
Track Name: Normal With You
I know it's wrong but I keep on asking just because I'm curious.
Did he touch you the same way I did? it doesn't really make much sense.
The demon is out and he took my life, so please bring me an exorcist
It haunts me knowing that I've been a statue cause I've been feeling like one since..

I'm just suffering with you

She envies every move you make cause she'll never have your attitude.
She wants to get in on every detail to feel like she's better than you.
You find it hard to believe it's true but it's your low self esteem.
Attacking me as I keep on trying, but there's no air for me to breathe.
I'm just suffering with you
Did you feel that we lost our way, I know, I know you're mistaken.
I'm getting tired of all these games and the time, the time its replacing be normal with you.
Track Name: Erratic
I've been having a hard time with myself,
counting the beats of my bad pulse again.
Then it turned into a nightmare.
I've been tossing and turning in my bed,
Sleep deprivation worked me overtime
until my body hit the decline.

Down, over the low.
There's always something on my nerves
that gets me so erratic.

I was a misfit in my youth.
I thought I knew everything but I admit
that I used to wallow in shit.
So what was there to love about the thrills,
other than the time it killed,
I'm motionless, still I fear the regress.

Now, I've got a big lump in my throat,
and it may take some time to swallow it.
I'm still trying to get used to it.

Here lie the pieces to my puzzled weakness
A term that made me so erratic.
Track Name: Manic Depression
I got the mad! mad! mad! mad! manic depression
calling my sense in the dead of night.
Wasting my time on another condition that
never changed the way that I felt inside.
Everybody'a got a fuse? mine was made to be broken.
Everytime I cut it loose, my eyes just leave me awoken.

I got a bad bad case of a passive aggression
Don't get near cause the feeling burns.
There's no need to cause a commotion.
I'm sick of the way that were taking turns,
by getting on each others nerves.
Something is wrong with the picture.
All I want in return is if you can't handle the pressure,
then just let go.

Bang my head through the wall.
I am delusional and just can't stand to see us like this.
This is my own little world. I've waltzed you through it all.
you left me in the darkness since.

Now we're spending more time in each others minds.
There's no cure. There's only addiction.
Always on the hunt but we never find.
Lately it occurs to me that someday soon it will happen.
We could settle for something less, but in the meantime
I'll sleep with one eye open.

Always at a distance.
You just walk away and never listen.
Now, listen!
Always complications.
So why do we keep filling a void, let's just move on.
Track Name: Sleeping With Knives
When the night is a guilt and you lost the fume,
you lock yourself up in a panic room.
Your life is a collision course and it drives you mad.
Outside your window, I've always been.
I'm a vampire waiting to be lead in,
when I know there's a silver bullet set aside.

You relied on someone,
I could never really be.
He took you for granted.
You sucked the life out of me.

Do you wander the streets and feel like a whore?
Do you even know yourself anymore?
It seems like you're never ready to subside.
Staying where you suffer may keep you safe,
with a broken heart in an empty cage
and your lip to the bottle to ease the pain for you tonight.

When you're sleeping, are you sleeping with knives?
When you're sleeping, are you sleeping with knives?

How about your ex-lover?
You turned him into a ghost.
You could try one more time
and see you're not worth his love or mine.

Are you sleeping with knives?
Track Name: Symptoms
You showed no signs of sympathy and let the anger take control.
It took a while to fix it but the damage took its toll.
So, how do you expect us to coexist when you need time out of the box.
We used to be a mystery but now we've overdosed.

I want your love.
I want your pain.
I want your symptoms.

When its all for the sake of the argument, its something i cant abide.
I always tend to get the feeling that you've got something to hide.
So let your guard down, before I let it go. It's killing me now.
We're stuck here living in the comfort zone but I'll get used to it somehow.

Did you ever really stop and wonder why?
Our blood just boils the more we try.
Did we ever really stop and ask ourselves if we've got symptoms?
I wish I could remove them but tonight we're both the victims.
Track Name: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Your obsessive compulsive disorder
creeps me out, I don't want it. (I don't need you)

Something doesn't feel right
since you've fallen off the tracks.
Little did I think that
consequence would takes its toll.

Some days, simple. Always brutal.

Lurking at my doorstep.
Waiting for the perfect thrill
when you should stay the fuck away.
Nothing seems to work
when the patient never takes her pills.
It gets so unusual.

Instigate, disappear. Come back a monster.
Track Name: New Misery
No, I can't stand it anymore.
I can't live with the feeling,
The heart beats, the bleeding.
When all of the metaphors were a key to open this door.
I'm just sick of the way you answer me.
I'm sick of the guessing, It's all too depressing.
So, why do I insist on staying in a place that doesn't exist?

I'm sick of feeling like a battery.
The way you charge me up, the way you empty me.
I get so nervous when I feel the angst adding up.
It makes me crazy that you've been around,
Because the love I seek was the love I found,
and you left a scar on me.

This is the new misery.

I can't stand my imagination. My mind is too prolific.
I continue to feed it with images of you
how you're fucking someone I knew.
It's the fuel in the fire that I can't explain.
You're throwing the matches when you'd expect me to catch them
When all I ever do is throw them back at you.

So, why can't I be just like them?
I'm at your disposal.

Sick obsessions don't just disappear.
They haunt you when you're alone.
Conversations never solved my fear.
They just made it clear.
Track Name: Waiting For An Accident
You took advantage of my nerves
since he's been treating you like dirt.
It's been digging deep into my veins,
let me explain.
I got a feeling like we need
to fulfill this dirty deed.
We'll set a time and place but
please be sure to erase.

I still miss you sometimes,
but I can't be with you.

Open the gates of capricorn
I'm walking into a field of thorns.
My feet are tongue tied, still in place.
What a mistake.
Our separation is bonafide,
Our conversations end on twilight
Each others late night lullaby.
What a surprise.

So, how does it feel to be in his arms
while you're falling asleep,
like there's no one around you,
But there's someone else in mind?

We're just waiting for an accident.
Track Name: Fear In The Mirror
Something got to me after years of trying to escape myself, retrace myself.
I'm recovering from the paranoiac state that I've been in, when did this begin?

I just thought I'd let you know...

The fear in the mirror is gone.
The fear in the mirror is gone.
No, I won't go back.
No, I won't go back.

I thought you were a friend so I let you plant this seed and walk away.
What's left to say?
The more you'd interrogate, The more I let you manipulate my sense of shame.
Was I the one to blame or was it you?

I should've listened to myself and never let anybody in.
These constant headaches are killing me now,
well, atleast you're not around.
Track Name: Somewhere
On the other side where the pain is less.
we could talk about our aging friends.
On the other side we begin again
and forget about the world we shared.

Somewhere down the line
there's a place for you and I.
But It may take sacrifice.
I'm aware and it scares me inside.

An emptiness that we once found
on a sinking ship to an aching ground.
An emptiness that we once felt.
from the uterus to the last of breath.